NetBSD's pkgsrc as a development environment

As you probabily know I’m in the process of writing my master thesis in CS on bigraphical reactive systems. To do this I’ll contribute to, and extend an existing library written in Java, so I needed to setup a development environment. My goal was to have an isolated environment with its own set of packages and libraries that I could easily mana...

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First impressions on Sourcehut

Sourcehut recently marked the 1 year anniversary of its public alpha release, and what better circumstance to share my initial thoughts on it? I’ve started using Github in early December of 2011 but I was never satisfied with it, I can’t put a finger on why, even though I had a pro account (thanks to being an university student), but alas, I be...

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Sum algebraic data types in C

Algebraic data types (ADTs) are the most basic types in Haskell and in many functional programming languages, they are so used that even some imperative (and multi-paradigm) programming languages have them (e.g. C++, Swift, Rust, …). They come from type theory (where they correspond to an initial algebra) and from domain theory. They are called...

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